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Common Use Facility

1 January 2015

The Common Use Facility (CUF) at Techport Australia is the centrepiece of the world-class shipbuilding facilities developed by the South Australian Government and constructed by McConnell Dowell Built Environs Joint Venture (MDBE JV) at Osborne. InfraBuild Construction Solutions made a significant contribution in its construction through the supply of over 4500 tonnes of 500PLUS® REBAR over an eight-month period.   

 Spanning over six hectares, the CUF features a 210 x 35 metre wharf, an Extra Heavy Duty runway, dry berth, transfer system and Australia’s largest ship lift with a load capacity of 9300 tonnes. The Extra Heavy Duty runway slab consists of stock and processed N32 500PLUS® REBAR at 150mm centres top and bottom each way and N16 ligatures with N20 500PLUS® REBAR to support the top and bottom mats. These beams were supplied loose and prefabricated on site by the steelfixers. The ship lift capping beams were constructed from 500PLUS® REBAR and precast concrete beams. The wharf capping beams were also prefabricated on site. 

 Due to the advanced construction program, one of the biggest challenges to overcome was the supply and delivery logistics. InfraBuild Construction Solutions had a scheduler based onsite throughout the installation phase of steel reinforcing. This enabled instant liaison between the design engineer, project engineers, builder and InfraBuild Construction Solutions, negating any miscommunication.  

“We received great support from the entire InfraBuild Construction Solutions team, they were on-hand and available at all times and resolved issues quickly to keep the project on track.” Jim Miller, Joint Venture Project Manager, McConnell Dowell Built Environs 

 To ensure consistent supply, minimise downtime for the steelfixers and adhere to installation schedules, 500PLUS® REBAR was sourced from InfraBuild’s mills in Melbourne and Sydney while processed REBAR was sourced from InfraBuild Construction Solutions’ local facilities. Deliveries were on a rotary basis, the semitrailers that transported the 500PLUS® processed REBAR to site were parked for easy access by the steelfixers and left for 24 hours to be unloaded. A new trailer would then replace the unloaded trailer – a system which prevented double handling and limited congestion of the limited onsite storage. 

Image courtesy of Goverment of South Australia