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Sydney Metro City & Southwest

Reinforcing Solutions pivotal to Sydney Metro success

Sydney Metro is Australia’s biggest public transport project. Services started in May 2019 in the city’s north west with a train every four minutes in the peak. Metro rail will be extended into the CBD and beyond to Bankstown in 2024 as part of the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project. There will be new CBD metro railway stations at Martin Place, Pitt Street and Barangaroo and new metro platforms at Central.

In 2024, Sydney will have 31 metro railway stations and a 66 km standalone metro railway system, revolutionising the way Australia’s biggest city travels.The construction of Sydney Metro City & Southwest has redefined what a mega project is for primary contractor JHCPBG joint venture (John Holland, CPB & Ghella). Working to a tight construction schedule to deliver the project’s Stage 2 and Tunnel Excavation (TSE) works, JHCPBG joint venture approached InfraBuild to help them meet demands through innovative reinforcing

Project Details


New South Wales


5D Detailing

Primary contractor

JHCPBG joint venture (John Holland CPB Ghella)

Key Information
  • InfraBuild delivered over 48,000 tonnes of reinforcing steel to Sydney Metro City & Southwest stations
  • 3D Modelling was essential for delivering the Martin Place, Victoria Cross, and Barangaroo stations with accuracy and assurance of constructability
  • JHCPBG joint venture were able to hand over Victoria Cross Station’s ahead of schedule



of reinforcing steel supplied across 7 sites



saved on the constuction schedule across 3 sites



delivered unmatched insight, assurance and accuracy



of precision prefabrication

Download the Sydney Metro City & Southwest Case Study

Find out how InfraBuild partnered with JHCPBG Joint Venture to deliver reinforcing solutions to key Sydney Metro stations.

Martin Place Station: Prefab Solves Site Congestion

A confined space. Over 50 trades. A late-stage design change which saw the site's reinforcing requirements radically increase in tonnage and complexity. The challenges posed by Martin Place Station were answered through precision prefabrication and digital detailing

Victoria Cross Station: Digital Detailing provides insight

Victoria Cross Station's basement slab required significant tonnage, specialised design and flawless interaction with non-reo elements. InfraBuild developed a comprehensive 3D model of the the invert cages which not only precisely detailed each bar, but also specified the sequencing of the on-site installation.

Barangaroo Station: Problem Solving Large Scale In-Situ Reo

When site limitations ruled out the the possibility of transitioning Barangaroo Station's 14,000 tonnes of reinforcing steel to a prefabricated solution, InfraBuild ensured the in-situ installation went seamlessly through 5D Modelling.