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Why InfraBuild?

InfraBuild is Australia’s leading integrated steel manufacturing, distribution and recycling business, providing solutions for commercial and residential construction, large scale and nation-building infrastructure, our primary producers and rural sectors. Each day we help build and enable a stronger Australia, for a changing world.

We are the largest integrated manufacturer and supplier of steel long products and solutions, and one of the largest metals recycling businesses in the country. 

Our work is underpinned by our guiding values 

Recognising that change is a constant in the world, we are dynamic in that we seek to drive change rather than let it drive us.

We are more than a team, we are a family.

As a family owned group of businesses, we think of sustainability across three dimensions; economic sustainability, social sustainability, environmental sustainability.


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InfraBuild: A Safety Driven Approach to Steel Manufacturing

We've been driving a new standard of safety in the steel industry for decades.

InfraBuild, as a member of the GFG Alliance, follows the ‘Be GFG Safe’ safety approach. It sets out a framework for how we look after ourselves and each other so all members of the InfraBuild family (employees, customers and the community) can return home safe and healthy every day.

The strategy provides a framework to guide our operations in a safe, responsible manner, with a focus on respecting the environment and the health and safety of our employees, customers and the communities we operate in. It makes clear that we do not accept any injuries at work – even one injury is too many.

Our safety strategy is underpinned by four key pillars:


Preventing life-threatening incidents by understanding and managing our biggest risks.


Driving a safety-focussed culture where everyone takes responsibility for looking out for themselves, and each other.


Encouraging fitness for work and life through targeted health and wellness programs and support.


Enabling performance by constantly reviewing our processes and tools, promoting organisational learning and best practice, and maintaining our high standard of work.

As part of the strategy, we follow the LifeSavers – a set of behaviours that address our most critical risks – to ensure we work safe, to go home safe.

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