SENTINEL® Coal MINEMESH®, supplied by InfraBuild Construction Solutions is a high-tensile coal MINEMESH® for strata control and ground support applications. Manufactured by the MINEMESH® originators, SENTINEL® Coal is 50% stronger than standard MINEMESH®, allowing for a mas reduction of 25% - 30% without sacrificing strength or performance.

Typical Uses

  • Strata Control
  • Ground Support


  • 50% stronger wire strength compared to standard MINEMESH®
  • Significant mass reduction compared to standard MINEMESH®
  • 25% reduction in transport cycles
  • Environmental sustainability – SENTINEL® Coal delivers up to 25% reduction in carbon emissions in the manufacturing process.

To find out more about the range of steel reinforcing mesh stocked at your local InfraBuild Construction Solutions please contact your nearest branch.


SENTINEL® Coal – Modules for all roofconditions

Wire Diameter (mm)Sheet 
GradeDouble Wire StrapMeshLength (m)Width (m)
LightL444 - 5.50.6 - 2
MediumM4.7544 - 5.50.6 - 2
HeavyH5.644 - 5.50.6 - 2

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