InfraBuild Construction Solutions – Estimating and Scheduling


Estimating and Scheduling


Calculating the amount of concrete reinforcing steel in a project can often be a time consuming and complex task if you are unfamiliar with the process. InfraBuild Construction Solutions provides an estimating service in order to provide greater certainty when you are pricing steel reinforcement projects. InfraBuild Construction Solutions can provide estimated tonnages for rebar (reinforcing bar), number of sheets of reinforcing mesh and all the associated accessories that go with them. When you couple this with lump sum pricing, understanding your cost for reinforcing steel becomes far less complicated. This service is all part of what makes working with InfraBuild Construction Solutions a comprehensive and reassuring process.


Accurate and timely scheduling of steel reinforcing is crucial in keeping a project running smoothly. When you partner with InfraBuild, you can be confident that some of the most skilled and experienced schedulers in Australia are ready to assist you.

With a nation-wide footprint and a team of national and regional schedulers, you can be sure your next steel reinforcing project is in safe hands. InfraBuild Construction Solutions provides scheduling of reinforcing steel as part of our supply package, so you can be confident you will have some of the most experienced schedulers in the country to assist you.

To discuss what advice InfraBuild Construction Solutions can provide please contact your nearest Construction Solutions Bar Shop.

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