Brisbane's 480 Queen Street office tower

Brisbane's 480 Queen Street office tower
Brisbane's 480 Queen Street office tower

Key points

  • Brisbane’s structural steel 480 Queen Street office tower has benefited from reduced construction time
  • Use of steel has also alleviated onsite congestion and provided safety and logistical efficiencies
  • Steel structures provide predictability and certainty in construction 

Brisbane's New 480 Queen Street Office Tower

A steel-intensive approach to Brisbane’s new 480 Queen Street office tower not only reduced construction time but also alleviated onsite congestion, providing better safety and logistical efficiencies.

Mark Cubby, Sales Manager Processing at InfraBuild Steel Centre (formerly LIBERTY OneSteel Metalcentre) said: "The process of erecting a steel structure compared to concrete structure, I believe, is about six months quicker." 

Alan Courtney, Senior Site Supervisor for Pacific Industrial Company (PIC) said: “For the 30 years I’ve been building high-rise structures out of concrete, this is probably the first time I’ve seen it go this effortlessly."

He continued: "There’s predictability and the certainty in steel structures and steel construction. I think Grocon (the developer) should be applauded for their innovation and adopting this as a model for the future.” 

Click here to see a timelapse for 480 Queen St.

Article published on Monday, 27 November 2017

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