Eureka Tower Melbourne

Eureka Tower Melbourne

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500PLUS REBAR solutions in the World’s tallest apartment block.

Melbourne’s 88-storey Eureka Tower at Southgate is the tallest residential building in the world.

At 300m tall – the same height as the Eiffel Tower – the building provides more than 500 luxury residential apartments.

Eureka Tower is double the size of its Southgate neighbour, the IBM Tower, and 58 metres higher than Melbourne’s tallest building, Rialto in Collins Street. The Eureka Tower design, by architects Nonda Katsalidis and Karl Fender, creates the maximum amount of usuable floorspace and sees the building change floorplan several times as it rises, before the façade gently slopes back to the top of the tower.

With the site offering little spare space, and Grocon working to a tight construction schedule, Eureka Tower was planning a lot easier. And anything that makes life easier on a project of this scale has got to be worth it,” he said.

Heading up InfraBuild Construction Solutions’ operations at Eureka Tower was scheduler Roberto Garcia.

“This was a very exciting, but also very demanding project to work on,” said Mr Garcia.

“We often had less than 24 hours notice to process large volumes of cut and bent loose bars because the entire design process was still being fast-tracked.

“This meant we needed to stay on the ball the whole time so that we could keep work progressing as smoothly as possible on site. Our computerised reinforcement scheduling system certainly added a lot of value on a project like this as it enabled us to begin production just minutes after the data had been emailed to our manufacturing facility.”

Eureka Tower was a joint venture between Grocon, Melbourne investor Tab Fried and architect Nonda Katsalidis.

The project set a new benchmark in residential apartment sales when more than $200 million worth of apartments sold in their first month on the market.

Grocon Director Daniel Grollo said buyers were attracted to the tower’s unique style and location at Southgate.

“It is not like any other building in the world,” Mr Grollo said, “and I think it is going to be very difficult to get a permit for this height again.”

InfraBuild Construction Solutions prefabricated thousands of tonnes of steel reinforcement assemblies for Eureka Tower including 100s of pier cages, pad footings and double-storey column cages.

Key to the structural efficiency of the tower are two very large blade columns, which rise from the basement level of the site to the lower level and carry the loads from the superstructure above.

Located diametrically opposite each other on both sides of the tower, the blade columns measure about 5.6m by 2m at the base and are 9 metres high. The very heavily reinforced steel reinforcement assemblies for these columns, were also prefabricated in sections and assembled on site.

InfraBuild Construction Solutions’ Christian Pyndiah, said the columns were among the largest and most complex reinforcement assemblies the company had prefabricated to date.

“Prefab really comes into its own on confined sites such as Eureka Tower, where it greatly reduces congestion, and frees up space and resources on site for the other trades,” said Mr Pyndiah. 

“Something different on this project that we looked at from a prefab point of view was possibly prefabricating modules of reinforcing for the core walls, which are very heavily reinforced throughout the lower levels of the structure.”

In addition to its 500PLUS PREFAB Construction Solution, InfraBuild Construction Solutions (formerly OneSteel Reinforcing) also supplied large quantities of its continuously-threaded 500PLUS REIDBAR coupling system.

500PLUS REIDBAR was used  in  a  number of areas of the project including providing provision for continuity reinforcement at all slab penetrations, core wall to floor connections and at many of the construction joints throughout the tower and lower level structures.

Alfio, the Eureka Tower  Site  Foreman, had more than 30 years experience in the building industry, but this was his first major project utilising prefabrication.

Alfio admitted to having been initially skeptical about the concept, but that he was now “very convinced of the benefits.”

“[InfraBuild Construction Solutions] did a great job up in staying ahead of our requirements, and the prefab reo really helped us to get the structure out of the ground quicker than we would have been able to using conventional steelfixing,” said Alfio.

Please Note: At the time of this project, InfraBuild Construction Solutions was trading as OneSteel Reinforcing

Rebar Solutions

InfraBuild Construction Solutions works closely with customers to provide them with opportunities to save time, effort and money across many aspects of reinforced concrete design and construction.

For Eureka Tower, this meant working in conjunction with Grocon to develop Reinforcing Solutions including 500PLUS PREFAB reinforcing cages for pier cages, pad footings and double storey columns, and 500PLUS REIDBAR continuously threaded rebar for many construction connections including core to slab & service penetrations.

500PLUS REIDBAR is a continuously threaded, steel reinforcing bar and coupler system, which can be cut and joined at any point, greatly improving steel fixing flexibility.

The rugged threads are resistant to damage and permit rapid coupling on site.

500PLUS REIDBAR is available in most rebar diameters: 12, 16, 20, 25 & 32mm, with an extensive range of  couplers and construction accessories such as nuts, threaded inserts, foot plates, grout sleeves and nailing plates, enabling the 500PLUS REIDBAR  system  to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Article published on Thursday, 01 January 2015

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