InfraBuild: Leaders in supply chain visibility

InfraBuild: Leaders in supply chain visibility
InfraBuild: Leaders in supply chain visibility

Key points

  • Advances in supply chain visibility now allow for greater transparency across complex supply chain systems 
  • Technology is helping assist whole-of-life supply chain digital visibility
  • InfraBuild has worked with the ALC and GS1 to maximise information transfer between it and its partners 

Advances in whole-of-life supply chain digital visibility have made it easier than ever to transfer information between InfraBuild and its logistics partners, says David McNeil. 

InfraBuild’s customers have complex needs that can be met by instigating a whole-of-life cycle supply chain digital visibility process.

The message was one of several presented to delegates at July’s Supply Chain Innovation Summit by InfraBuild Customer Experience Manager David McNeil.

David, who also is also chair of the Technology Committee at the Australian Logistics Council, said InfraBuild has taken advantage of advances in supply chain visibility and control to ensure greater transparency across its supply chain process and is helping bring those advantages to its customers.

His presentation looked at what technologies are creating whole-of-life visibility, what challenges stand in the way of maximising that visibility, and what the future holds for complex supply chain systems.

David has over 35 years’ experience in the manufacture, sale and distribution of steel products in the Australasian market and has developed an understanding of the complexities associated with serving customers across the geographically dispersed Australian and New Zealand markets.

Among his recent achievements is working with the Australian Logistics Council (ALC) and standards and solutions provider GS1 to implement GS1 Transport Instruction and Transport Status messages to facilitate the efficient transfer of delivery information between InfraBuild and its logistics partners.

Download a copy of David McNeil's presentation on ‘Supply Chain Visibility & Ensuring Greater Transparency':

Article published on Friday, 09 August 2019

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