Innovation Place, Sydney

Innovation Place, Sydney

Innovation Place at 100 Arthur Street, North Sydney was an early Bovis Lend Lease construction project to incorporate the use of InfraBuild Construction Solutions’  PREFAB and REIDBAR reinforcing solutions when it was constructed in 2007.


To help the builder achieve its target of a one floor per week construction cycle for the 23 storey building, InfraBuild Construction Solutions (formerly OneSteel Reinforcing) prefabricated 100s of reinforcing cages for the columns, and delivering them to site when required.

Bovis Lend Lease Structures Foreman, Mark Casey, said being able to simply lift the completed reinforcing cages into place helped save up to a day per floor cycle, compared to fixing the reinforcing steel for the 20 columns per floor conventionally on-site.

“We are constructing the floors in two parts and, thanks to prefab, we are able to place all of the columns for each half of the floor in under one hour,” said Mr Casey, during the project's construction.

“Prefab not only saves us time on site, it provides a whole range of other benefits. Because the cages are prefabricated by [InfraBuild] rather than assembled on site, it guarantees a better-quality job,” he said.

“Being in the middle of North Sydney, site access is also a problem and space for storage of materials on site is a real challenge. Prefab helps to cut congestion on the working deck and makes a significant contribution to a safer, cleaner workplace.”

The structural design for Innovation Place comprises a reinforced concrete core and columns, with a post-tensioned band beam slab.

Formwork contractor Wideform Constructions used modular tableforms and a jumpform, based on the Peri system from Germany, for the band beam slab and core.

Depending on the diameter of the columns, which range from 650- 1000mm, steel or EzyTube plastic column forms were placed over the prefabricated column cages once they were in place and they are ready for concreting.

High strength 80 MPa concrete is used for the columns, with 65MPa in the core and 40MPa in the slabs and post- tensioned band beams.

“It’s not easy to consistently achieve a floor per week construction cycle on a project of this type,” said Mr Casey.

“Prefabricating the reo off-site and having it ready when we need it, takes reo off the critical path and greatly simplifies project management and administration,” he said.


Also contributing to the efficient and safe construction of Innovation Place is InfraBuild Construction Solutions’ REIDBAR, a continuously threaded reinforcing bar and coupler system, which can be cut and joined at any point, greatly improving steelfixing flexibility.

REIDBAR is available in most rebar diameters and offers an extensive range of couplers and accessories making it suitable for a wide variety of construction applications, including starter bars and penetrations. A feature of 500PLUS REIDBAR compared to other types of mechanical couplers is its rugged threads, which are resistant to damage and permit quick and easy coupling on site.

An enhancement to the REIDBAR system was the development of REIDBOX, a safe and quick method of forming connections for reinforcing steel in slabs and any slab penetrations.

InfraBuild Construction Solutions has progressively developed the REIDBOX system in conjunction with Bovis Lend Lease over a number of projects, and it was used for virtually all connection details at Innovation Place.

The REIDBOX consists of a high-density plastic housing fitted with  REIDBAR screwed couplers.

The REIDBOX is attached to the reinforcing steel or formwork prior to concrete bring poured.

When a connection is required, a reusable plastic cover plate is removed from the front of the cast-in-place REIDBOX, and  REIDBAR is simply cut to the required length and screwed into place in the REIDBAR couplers.

The REIDBOX eliminates the need for a conventional pullout bar system or threading reinforcing bar on site, saving a considerable amount of time and improving safety.

InfraBuild Construction Solutions pre-assembles the REIDBOX units with couplers at the required centres, and individually numbers the units, so they can be easily identified on site.

Radovan Graovac, Wideform Constructions Foreman on the Jumpform, at the time said:  “I’ve used [InfraBuild’s] REIDBOX on a couple of projects now and they are a big improvement on other types of starter bar systems.

“The plastic cases are easy and safe to handle and fix to the reo or formwork, and they are also easy and safe to strip down after concreting.

“Once the plastic cover plate is removed, you have immediate access to the couplers. The cover plate keeps the couplers clean during concreting so that screwing the REIDBAR into place is quick and easy,” he said.

Innovation Place

When completed in 2007, Innovation Place reinvented what a 'high-quality' office building was.

Designed by architects Cameron Chisholm & Nicol, the building has natural light on all sides and impressive views of Sydney Harbour and Middle Harbour.

The $82 million tower comprised 25,000 square metres of commercial office  space  over 20 floors, three podium levels,  and parking for 143 vehicles  in three basement levels plus two floors for plant and machinery.

Please Note: At the time of this project, InfraBuild Construction Solutions was trading as OneSteel Reinforcing

Article published on Thursday, 01 January 2015

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