One McNab Avenue

One McNab Avenue

The One McNab Avenue development in Footscray forms part of the Victorian government’s revitalisation initiative for Melbourne’s inner-west and houses the new headquarters for City Water West and the State Trustees.

The building is unique for the challenges that needed to be overcome in its construction. Though originally conceived in concrete, the building was converted to a primarily steel construction at an early stage. The original structural design incorporated international building standards that weren’t covered under the Australian Standards, and a passive structural solution had to be found to prevent structural collapse in a fire or emergency situation.

Grocon Technical Design Manager John Beattie told the Australian Steel Institute (ASI) that the use of structural steel in the building granted it numerous advantages. The structure consists of thin composite slab and steel beams, composite columns and in situ core walls, with the use of structural steel allowing for reduced construction time, a lighter floor structure and reduced onsite deliveries as a result of offsite fabrication.

The achievement merited the building receiving the Australian Institute of Steel Award in the large building projects category in 2014.

(Image courtesy of John Gollings)

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