Aluminium Angles


Aluminium Angle Extrusions

InfraBuild Steel Centre (formerly LIBERTY OneSteel Metalcentre) supplies a wide range of aluminium angle extrusions in a wide range of sizes, finishes and a variety of grades, including both architectural alloy and structural alloy.

InfraBuild Steel Centre can supply both standard geometric extrusions such as aluminium angle, aluminium flat bar, aluminium tube and aluminium tee-bar as well as more complex segment specific aluminium extrusions. We can also discuss your requirements for custom aluminium extrusions.

Aluminium extrusion angles can be supplied according to AS/NZS 1866:1997.

Typical uses

  • Balustrades
  • Building and construction
  • Cool rooms
  • Fences
  • Louvres and sun protection
  • Marine
  • Mining and industrial equipment
  • Signage
  • Transport


  • A wide range of aluminium angle sizes
  • A variety of grades of aluminium angle extrusions

Relevant Standards

  • AS/NZS 1866:1997

To find out more about the range of aluminium angles stocked at your local InfraBuild Steel Centre please contact your nearest branch.



ABTDieAlloy-TemperLength (mm)Mass/LEN
20201.6EK91076060 T565001.073
20203.0EK91086060 T565001.950
25121.6 RADEK91096060 T542300.647
25201.6EK91116060 T565001.216
25251.6EK92166060 T565001.359
25253.0EK92176060 T565002.477
32201.6EK91146060 T565001.1417
32321.6EB11266060 T565001.755
32323.0EK91186060 T565003.211

ABTDieAlloy-TemperLength (mm)Mass/LEN
40201.6EL32576060 T565001.638
40203.0EK91216060 T565003.003
40251.6EL81246060 T565001.775
40253.0EK91226060 T565003.263
40401.6EK91236060 T565002.204
40403.0EK91246060 T565004.056
40406.0EK91266060 T565007.794
50251.6EK91296060 T565002.061
50253.0EK91306060 T565003.790

ABTDieAlloy-TemperLength (mm)Mass/LEN
50403.0EK91316060 T565004.583
50501.6EL94176060 T565002.763
50503.0EK91326060 T565005.109
50506.0EK91346060 T565009.900
50506.0 RADEN54086060 T565009.192
60603.0EK91356060 T565006.612
60606.0EK91366060 T5650012.006
70251.6EN57146060 T565002.613
70401.6EN74926060 T565003.036

ABTDieAlloy-TemperLength (mm)Mass/LEN
75253.0EL59236060 T565005.122 RADEG64106060 T5650012.570 T565008.314
80203.0EK91376060 T565005.103
80502.5E205596060 T565005.597
80806.0EK91386060 T5650016.211
100503.0EP123726060 T565007.735
100504.0E205256060 T5650010.251
100506.0 RADEQ15586060 T5650014.052

ABTDieAlloy-TemperLength (mm) Mass/LEN
1001006.0EP126276060 T5650018.852
125503.0EK91396060 T565009.055
125506.0 RADE207006060 T5650016.482



InfraBuild Steel Centre can provide the following processing services for this product:

  • Cut-to-length

To find out more about the processing services offered by InfraBuild Steel Centre please contact your nearest branch.


InfraBuild Steel Centre can provide delivery services for this product.

Please contact your nearest branch for more information.