Aluminium Round Tube


Aluminium Round Tube (CHS)

InfraBuild Steel Centre (formerly LIBERTY OneSteel Metalcentre) supplies a wide range of extruded aluminium round tube (CHS – circular hollow section) in a wide range of sizes and a variety of grades, including both architectural alloy and structural alloy.

Aluminium round tube can be supplied according to AS/NZS 1866:1997.

Typical Uses

  • Balustrades
  • Building and construction
  • Cool rooms
  • Fences
  • Louvres and sun protection
  • Marine
  • Mining and industrial
  • Equipment
  • Signage
  • Transport


  • A wide range of aluminium tube sizes
  • Variety of grades of aluminium CHS tube extrusions

Relevant Standards

AS/NZS 1866:1997

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Size (mmxmm)DieLength (mm)Alloy/temperWeight (kg)
12 x 1.6EX500465006060 T50.917
16 x 1.6EX500665006060 T51.268
19 x 12E4014965006060 T51.177
20 x 1.6EX500865006060 T51.575
25 x 1.6EX501065006060 T51.908
25 x 3.0EX501165006060 T53.64
32 x 1.6 EX501365006060 T52.685
32 x 3.0EX501465006060 T54.428
38.09 x3.25EX207865006060 T55.76

Size (mmxmm)DieLength (mm)Alloy/temperWeight (kg)
38.1 x 3.25E4001665006060 T56.247
40 x 3.0EX501765006060 T5916.123
44.45 x 3.25EX210160006060 T5916.816
46 x 3.5E4070060006060 T5917.572
48.41 x 4.47EX220260006005A T59.996
50 x 1.6EX501865006060 T54.271
50 x 2.0EX501965006060 T5915.291
50 x 3.0EX504165006082 T57.176
50 x 4.0EX508165006082 T59.366

Size (mmxmm)DieLength (mm)Alloy/temperWeight (kg)
50 x 6.0E4054565006060 T513.428
60 x 2.0EX502165006063 T61.968
60 x 3.0EX502265006060 T5919.425
60 x 5.0EX507165006060 T59115.165
63 x 3.95E4009860006060 T46.384
76.19 x 4.75EX220765006060 T117.256
76.19 x 6.35EX215365006005 T524.453
76.2 x 3.2EP1384365006060 T412.678
76.2 x 3.8EP855265006060 T515.171

Size (mmxmm)DieLength (mm)Alloy/temperWeight (kg)
80 x 3.0EX502465006060 T512.734
88.9 x 5.33EX216165006060 T522.668
100 x 3.0EX502665006060 T516.042


InfraBuild Steel Centre can provide the following processing services for this product:

  • Cut-to-length

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InfraBuild Steel Centre can provide delivery services for this product.

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