Footing Cages


Footing Cages

Footing Cages supplied by InfraBuild Construction Solutions (formerly LIBERTY OneSteel Reinforcing) increase the speed of installation for various footing applications. Available in Class L wire, footing cages are available in depths of 200mm, 300mm and 400mm.

Typical Uses

  • Footing Cages provide reinforcing for various concrete strip footing applications


  • Increase the speed of installation for various footing applications

Relevant Standards

  • AS/NZS 4671:2001 Steel reinforcing materials
  • AS 2870:2011 Residential slabs and footings – Construction
  • AS 1554.3:2008 Welding of reinforcing steels

To find out more about the range footing cages stocked at your local InfraBuild Construction Solutions please contact your nearest branch.



Depth (mm)Product CodeL8TM Top & BottomL11TM Top & BottomL12TM Top & BottomL8TM200 Top & L11TM200 Bottom

Cage Width (mm)

200SE QLDZC110ZC12ZC111ZC11---
300SE QLDZC210ZC17ZC711ZC18ZC97-ZX7A
400SE QLDZC310FC19ZC811FC20--FC8A

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