ONEMESH® Ribbed UTEMESH® for Utility Vehicles – Reinforcing Mesh


ONEMESH® Ribbed UTEMESH® for Utility Vehicles – Reinforcing Mesh

UTEMESH® supplied by InfraBuild Construction Solutions (formerly LIBERTY OneSteel Reinforcing) is a compact 4 x 2m ribbed mesh that is safe and legal to transport on utes and small trucks without overhang. With improved lap efficiency across and along the sheet and reduced flying ends, UTEMESH® is also ideal for driveways, paths and smaller concreting projects. UTEMESH® Class L ribbed mesh is available in SL62, SL72 and SL82, and can be handled by one person using the correct manual handling techniques.

UTEMESH® is designed to conform to road traffic authorities’ transport regulations. It's now safer to handle with reduced flying ends (reduced to 2mm). It features up to 8 per cent improved mesh cover through lap efficiency across and along the sheet.

Typical Uses

  • Mesh for ute trays and small truck trays


  • Versatile and lightweight
  • Minimises wastage
  • Safe and legal to transport
  • Easy to set up, place and tie
  • Can be handled by one person (using the correct handling techniques)

Relevant Standards

  • AS/NZS 4671:2001 Steel reinforcing materials
  • AS 3600:2009 Concrete structures
  • AS 3727:1993 Guide to residential pavements
  • AS 2870:2011 Residential slabs and footings construction

To find out more about the ONEMESH® Ribbed UTEMESH® for Utility Vehicles stocked at your local InfraBuild Construction Solutions please contact your nearest branch.


Product Code Std Unit Longitudinal Wires* Cross Wires* Mass (kg) Dimensions (m)
SL62UTE Sheet 8 x 6 @ 200
+4 x 4.24 @ 100
20 x 6 @ 200 18 4 x 2
SL72UTESheet8 x 6.75 @ 200
+4 x 4.75 @ 100
20 x 6.75 @ 200234 x 2
SL82UTESheet8 x 7.6 @ 200
+4 x 5.35 @ 100
20 x 7.6 @ 200304 x 2

* Number of Wires x Diameter (mm) @ Spacing (mm)


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