Plain Square Mesh Sheet – Steel Reinforcement


Plain Square Mesh Sheet – Steel Reinforcement

Plain square mesh sheets supplied by InfraBuild Construction Solutions (formerly LIBERTY OneSteel Reinforcing) are a multi-purpose reinforcing mesh used in reinforced concrete slabs such as precast panels, pavements, warehouse and industrial shed slabs, tilt-up slabs, driveways and patios. It can also be used as additional reinforcing of fire applications.

InfraBuild Construction Solutions' plain square mesh sheets are available in 6 x 2.4m.

Note: Always consult with an engineer before choosing the mesh best suited for your application as using the wrong mesh size could potentially result in failure to your concrete structure.

Typical Uses

  • Concrete pavements
  • Flooring and pavements
  • Precast concrete sections
  • Driveways and patios


  • Multi-purpose mesh sheet
  • Dimensions of 6 x 2.4m

Relevant Standards

  • AS 3600:2009 Concrete structures
  • AS 3727:1993 Guide to residential pavements
  • AS 2870:2011 Residential slabs and footings construction

To find out more about the plain square mesh sheets stocked at your local InfraBuild Construction Solutions please contact your nearest branch.


Product Code

Longitudinal Wires*

Cross Wires*

Mass (kg)

Dimensions (m)


25 x 4 @ 100

61 x 4 @ 100


6 x 2.4

*Number of Wires x Diameter (mm) @ Spacing (mm)

**Note: Not manufactured to AS/NZS 4671:2001


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