Plate Dowel Cradles – Danley™

Plate Dowel Cradles – Danley™


Plate Dowel Cradles – Danley™

Danley™ Plate Dowel Cradles supplied by InfraBuild Construction Solutions (formerly LIBERTY OneSteel Reinforcing) are used in steel reinforcement applications and consist of a plate dowel secured in a fabricated cradle, offering a highly efficient dowel system well suited for contraction joints.

Danley™ Plate Dowel Cradles are available from InfraBuild Construction Solutions for concrete slab thicknesses of 125–250mm in the colour black and 125–450mm in galvanized, and come in lengths of 3m.

Typical Uses

  • Steel reinforcement applications


  • Pre-assembled and welded to ensure accuracy
  • Built to specifications to minimise installation time
  • Custom cradles are available

To find out more about the Danley™ Plate Dowel Cradles stocked at your local InfraBuild Construction Solutions please contact your nearest branch.


Plate Dowel Cradles Black (Connolly®)
Product Code Plate Thickness (mm) Dowel Length (mm) Dowel Spacing (mm) Suit Slab Length (mm) Cradle (m)
CCP6450125 6 300 450 125 3
CCP6450150 150
CCP6450175 175
CCP6450200 200
CCP10450180 10 180
CCP10450200 200
CCP10450250 250

Plate Dowel Cradles Galvanized (Connolly®)
Product Code Plate Thickness (mm) Dowel Length (mm) Dowel Spacing (mm) Suit Slab (mm) Cradle Length (m)
CCP6450125G 6 300 450 125 3
CCP6450150G 150
CCP6450175G 175
CCP6450200G 200
CCP10450180G 10 180
CCP10450200G 200
CCP10450250G 250
PD320300250G 20 300 230-275
PD320300300G 280-330
PD320400350G 400 340-390
PD320400400 400-450


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