Reidbar™ Metric Thread Couplers Galvanized


Reidbar™ Metric Threaded Couplers Galvanized

Steel Reidbar™ Metric Threaded Couplers supplied by InfraBuild Construction Solutions (formerly LIBERTY OneSteel Reinforcing) are used when a fully engineered, full-capacity fixing is required close to an edge, along the end of a panel or at close spacings. Used as an alternative to ferrule anchor bars, Reidbar™ Metric Threaded Couplers achieve a full break system with Reidbar™ starter bars and 8.8 grade metric bolts.

Relevant Standards

  • AS 3600:2009 Concrete structures

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Product Code Suit (mm) Length (mm) Metric Thread Length (mm) Hex A/C (mm)
RB12M16CG RB12 to M16 90 40 29
RBA16M20CG RBA16 to M20 102 45 34
RBA20M24CG RBA20 to M24 119 45 43

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