Reinforcing Wire (Hard Drawn)


Reinforcing Wire (Hard Drawn)

Wire for reinforcing is manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4671 – Steel Reinforcing Materials. The wire is manufactured with either a plain or deformed surface. It is ideal for resistance welding and intended for use as reinforcement for concrete and for manufacture into welded wire fabric. All reinforcing wire products manufactured by InfraBuild Wire are tested for conformance to AS/NZS 4672 in our NATA registered testing laboratories and this testing is independently accredited by the Australian Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels Ltd (ACRS).

Diameter range: Plain 3.15mm to 9.88mm; Deformed 6.00mm to 9.00mm


Plain Wire:

Nominal Diameter (mm)Diameter Tolerance (mm)Pack Size (kg) *see Note 1.Grade
3.15+/- 0.05T950AS/NZS 4671-500L
3.97+/- 0.05T950AS/NZS 4671-500L
4.24+/- 0.05T1000AS/NZS 4671-500L
4.95+/- 0.05T1000AS/NZS 4671-500L
5.55+/- 0.06C950 / C1500AS/NZS 4671-500L
6.23+/- 0.06C950 / C1500 / C2000AS/NZS 4671-500L
7.02+/- 0.06C950AS/NZS 4671-500L
7.9+/- 0.06C950 / C2000AS/NZS 4671-500L
9.88+/- 0.08C980 / C2000AS/NZS 4671-500L


1.    T = Stem, C = Coil

Indented Wire:

Product Size (mm)Indent Depth (mm)Mass per Metre (g/m)Specific Area of Indent (mm)Coil Weight (kg)
60.18-0.6212-2320.015 minC950/C1500
7.50.23-0.75331-3620.020 minC950/C1500
90.27-0.9477-5220.025 minC950/C1500

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