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Solutions Based

InfraBuild Reinforcing has a proud history of supplying reinforcing solutions to Australia’s nation-building projects. Whether it’s roads, rail, tunnels, or bridges, it’s InfraBuild steel helping to reshape our cities and towns.

From NorthConnex to Melbourne Metro, West Gate Tunnel to Cross River Rail, our team have a proven record of delivering steel reinforcing to the mega projects connecting our cities, towns and regions. Our expert team engage with our customers early in the project to not only ensure delivery to the construction program but to identify efficiencies. Whether it’s informing design, identifying opportunities for prefabrication, or planning logistic solutions, InfraBuild Reinforcing does more than just safely delivering the correct products to site: we partner with customers to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Advanced Capability

Part of the fully integrated InfraBuild steel supply chain, InfraBuild Reinforcing is uniquely positioned to partner with Australia’s major construction firms to provide premium Australian-made steel. Our operations are scalable to meet your needs and with processing and fabrication facilities in most states and territories we’re always close to market.

Bespoke Prefabrication

Bespoke prefabricated solutions deliver numerous benefits, ranging from reducing on-site steelfixing, speeding up construction programs, minimising on-site risks to workers and decreasing on-site congestion. InfraBuild Reinforcing works with on-site project teams to identify these valuable opportunities early and continually throughout construction to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Expert Solutions

From a range of logistic solutions, to professional digital detailing, when you partner with InfraBuild Reinforcing you partner with a reo supplier who can optimise steel usage, improve project efficiency and assure buildability from early in the design phase and through the entire construction phase. Our expert Project Managers will not only keep your project on track but will work with you to deliver unique reinforcing solutions to add value to your project.

Civil Sector Case Studies