Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Dowel


Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Dowel

InfraBuild Reinforcing supplies Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Dowel, an alternative to steel dowels in environments where there is potential for corrosion. Like standard steel dowels, GDRP Dowels are used as a load transfer device between joints in concrete slabs.

Typical uses

  • Structures near the coast / marine environment
  • Medical facilities requiring electromagnetic neutrality
  • Footpaths
  • Slab on ground
  • Ports
  • Tunnels


  • Corrosion resistant
  • No premature deterioration of the concrete due to rusting of the dowels
  • No locking of the joint in the slab
  • Electromagnetic neutrality
  • Lighter than steel (2 g/cm3, 4 x lighter)

To find out more about Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Dowel stocked at your local InfraBuild Reinforcing please contact your nearest bar shop.


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