Plastic Chairs SOG – Danley™


Plastic Chairs SOG – Danley™

Danley™ SOG Plastic Bar Chairs supplied by InfraBuild Reinforcing are suitable for deep ground slabs in roads, civil and commercial projects. Load tested to exceed 500kg, Danley™ SOG is available in various heights ranging from 95–150mm in bags of 100.

Typical Uses

  • Thick slabs and roadways, commercial and civil projects


  • Lightweight chairs with integral bases
  • 500kg capacity

Relevant Standards

  • AS/NZS 2425 Bar chairs in reinforced concrete – Product requirements and test methods

To find out more about the Danley™ SOG Plastic Bar Chairs stocked at your local InfraBuild Reinforcing please contact your nearest bar shop.


Product Code Height (mm)No./Bag
RSOG95 95100
RSOG100 100100
RSOG110 110100
RSOG120 120100
RSOG130 130100
RSOG140 140100
RSOG150 150100
RSOG95C 95100
RSOG100C 100100
RSOG105C 105100
RSOG108C 108100
RSOG115C 115100
RSOG127C 127100

C = Clip-on

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