Trowel – Reinforcing Tools


Trowel – Reinforcing Tools

InfraBuild Reinforcing supplies stainless steel trowels for a variety of applications. These stainless steel trowels are available in Finishing, Pointed Light, Square, Walking and Pool varieties in various sizes and dimensions depending on the desired use.

Typical Uses

  • Finishing concrete slabs


  • A range of sizes and shapes
  • Stainless steel
  • Duragrip® and soft grip handles available

To find out more about the stainless steel trowels stocked at your local InfraBuild Reinforcing please contact your nearest branch.


Trowel Square
Product Code Size (mm) Description
TRWSQL115405 405 x 120 Square Finishing Trowel
T102A 280 x 120
TRWSQ114280 280 x 114
TRWSQ127457 457 x 127

Trowel Walking
Product Code Size (mm) Description
TRWWLK 900 x 120 Stainless Steel Walking Trowel

Trowel Pool
Product Code Size (mm) Description
TRWPOOLSS100300 300 x 100 Stainless Steel Pool Trowel - Flexible
TRWPOOLSS100356 356 x 100

Trowel Pointed Light
Product Code Size (mm) Description
TRWPL115405 405 x 115 Pointed Finishing Trowel
TRWPL115450 450 x 115
TRWPL115500 500 x 115
TRWPL115600 600 x 115
TRWPL120355 355 x 120
TRWPL120365 365 x 120

Trowel Finishing
Product Code Size (mm) Description
TRWPFIN100355A 355 x 100 Pointed Fin Trowel Duragrip™
TRWPFIN100356M 356 x 100 Pointed Fin Trowel Soft Grip Handle
TRWPFIN100362M 362 x 120
TRWPFIN100400M 405 x 115
TRWPFIN100451M 450 x 115

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