Prefabricated Reinforcing


InfraBuild Construction Solutions are raising the bar in prefabricated reinforcing solutions, with a comprehensive product range that delivers quality, improved safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

At every step of prefab process – planning, manufacturing and delivery- you can rely on our team of dedicated experts for outstanding service delivery. With over 80 years of reinforcing experience behind us, we offer the reassurance that nothing less than excellence is good enough.

Dedicated experts

At every step of the prefab process you can rely on our team of dedicated experts for service, quality, safety and innovative thinking.

Sales Team – Through early engagement with our expert sales team, alternative concepts and value engineering opportunities are identified and evaluated.

Technical Service – Our technical service experts stand behind our safety and quality standards and product buildability.

Commercial Solutions – Dedicated commercial solutions experts advise on final cost structures.

Schedulers & Detailers – Schedulers and detailers capture materials content and essential build detail in CAD format for final approval.

Planners – Success begins when you plan for it. Our expert planners are the key to developing accurate times lines so you can be confident your project will be delivered on time.

Fabricators – Our fabricators turn your approved CAD drawings into finished and fully compliant product.

Project Managers – Right through the project, our project managers will work with you to ensure seamless delivery and service excellence.

Innovative Solutions

Six core prefabricated product reinforce our reputation for innovation and quality.

Our range complies with relevant Australian standards AS/NZS 1554.3, AS/NZS 4671, AS 3600 and AS 5100, offer Green Star and Infrastructure Sustainability credits. 


BARMAT® is our customised prefab bar mat solution utilised in precast panels and culverts, retaining walls, shotcrete walls, road parapets, diaphragm walls and suspended slab construction. BARMAT® is fabricated off-site, using automated machine manufacturing that allows steel to be prefabricated with variable bar sizes and spacings in a variety of mat shapes, configurations and sizes. BARMAT® offers increased efficiencies and labour savings. Site safety is enhanced because there is no cutting and minimal handling.


New shapes. More Value. New to our Victoria region BARMAT PLUS™ expands on our existing BARMAT®  product. Machine automated bending enables additional customisation to meet your requirements.


BAMTEC® is utilised in suspended and slab-on-ground applications, continuously reinforced concrete pavements, precast panels, topping slabs and wind farm foundations. Machine manufactured, BAMTEC® is the world’s fastest steel fixing system and a revolutionary approach to placing concrete reinforcing steels. By simply rolling out ‘carpets’ of reinforcing detailed to fit designated areas, installation time is slashed, accuracy is improved, and fewer onsite fixers are required.


CUSTOMCAGE™  is used in all aspects of reinforced concrete construction including beams, walls, columns and footings. Factory fabricated using manual processes, CUSTOMCAGE™  is highly customised.


PROPILE™ is our solutions for the bored pier and ground support market. Fabricated using machine and manual processes, PROPILE™ provides accuracy, flexibility, robustness, and offers lifting peace of mind. Plus, down time on site is reduced, because off-site fabrication isn’t weather dependent.


PROCAGE™ is typically used in columns, footings and beams. Customised to suit project specific requirements, regular shaped bars are fabricated off-site to an agreed weld pattern. In-factory fabrication is predominately manual, solving commonly encountered site problems.


ROMTECH® is an innovative tunnel support system of rebar lattice girders. Suitable for use in hard and soft ground conditions, ROMTECH® lattice girders provide a high strength-to-weight ratio. Manufactured to your bespoke design in specialised jig, the light weight sections simplify transport and handling and the simple connection detail makes them easy to install on site.


Experience a real difference, thanks to our 3-stage protocol.


It starts with proactive planning, a collaborative process where we set out to meet each project’s specific needs, assessing buildability and lead time, and taking lifting, safety and risk management factors into account.

Detailed drawings ensure the customer can see exactly what will be fabricated and delivered.


Whether it utilises industry leading machine automation or a team of qualified welders, we Prefab products that are made to the highest standards in a controlled factory environment once CAD drawings are approved.

To further reduce risk, rigorous quality checks in the factory ensure prefab product delivers consistent reliability, safety and compliance with Australian Standards.

We do more than meet the minimum. When we manufacture to maximise efficiencies we’re not only saving time and money but also improving a project’s sustainability rating. Solutions like BARMAT and BAMTEC are recognised by both Green Star and IS rating systems and contribute to rating outcomes through steel credits.


The right product. On time. As agreed. Our processes are designed to minimise lifting and handling processes and offer the safety reassurance of lifting certification. Product is delivered in-sync with customer’s construction program and delivery is matched to site productivity. To ensure it all goes according to plan, InfraBuild Construction Solutions project management is your point of contact every step of the way.

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