126 Phillip Street

126 Phillip Street

InfraBuild Construction Solutions’ prefabricated solutions assisted Bovis Lend Lease to achieve a four-day construction cycle om 1400m2 typical floors in the 40-storey office tower at 126 Philip Street in Sydney. 

The 64 m x 21 m typical floors, Level 4 to 28, provide 1400m2 of column and core-free floorspace in order to take in the stunning Sydney views. This huge unsupported area was made possible by 1 m wide x 800 mm deep post-tension band beams spanning from the perimeter edge beams.  

InfraBuild Construction Solutions supplied the 19 metre long prefabricated cages from the band beams. The length of the cages required special handling, with InfraBuild Construction Solutions using a custom-built trailer to transport the cages to site. Scheduling of the deliveries was critical as the extendible trailer was only allowed on the road before 6am or between 10am and 3pm.  

InfraBuild Construction Solutions also supplied cut to length ONEMESH®, this was simply dropped into place between and on top of the band beams for the slabs. 

“Being able to just drop such complex assemblies into place with the minimum amount of fuss on site saves us several days per floor. If we had to tie the reinforcement for the band beams in the conventional manner, it would probably double the typical floor construction cycle.” Chris Sofatzis, Bovis Lend Lease Construction Manager 

Article published on Thursday, 01 January 2015

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