The Toshiba Warehouse in Sydney’s Quarry Estate is the company’s new 12,520sqm national distribution centre. As well as providing new office accommodation for the Japanese conglomerate, it incorporates a technical support area for advanced training and product servicing of Toshiba equipment used in the health sector.

Of note is the fact that the warehouse has been designed to allow for a complete expansion of the office space at a later stage with little or no disruption to facility operations.

The warehouse is an excellent example of an industrial facility built to attain high sustainability standards. Builder Qanstruct set out to achieve a 5 Star Green Star Industrial Design & As Built rating for the building and specified the use of high-grade steel to that end. Liberty OneSteel Steel Centre supplied approximately eight hundred tonnes of steel product, of which 25 per cent was high-grade hot rolled structural steel – 700WB and 800WB (welded beam) steel was supplied in grade 400, while Liberty OneSteel 610UB and 410UB (universal beam) steel was supplied in Grade 350. The use of a defined portion of higher-grade structural steel meant the project received a ‘Life Cycle Impacts – Steel’ credit towards its Green Star rating.

Toshiba has invested in a ‘multi-shuttle’ sorting system at the warehouse, which also houses a 10m-high pallet storage system with capacity for 5800 pallets. In a strategic move, Toshiba has incorporated third party logistics provider AirRoad under the same roof.

(Image courtesy of Toshiba)

Article published on Monday, 01 October 2018

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