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InfraBuild has been a presence in many rural and remote communities, for over 100 years supplying materials and steel processing services to our customers. 

At InfraBuild we place great importance on working closely with our customers to support community growth and long-term sustainable relationships across the country. 

We live and work in regional communities and are well positioned to supply product into many industries that keep our economy thriving, MMP (mining, minerals processing) and O&G (oil and gas) sectors. 

As a manufacturer and distributor of materials that are critical to MMP, we understand the importance of predictability by having the right stock in the right place at the right time. Producing quality materials that are delivered on time as promised for an agreed price. We aim to create value for all our customers through a continuous improvement philosophy and experienced local representation. 

Where our branches support mining communities

Our Customer-Focused Mining Offer

At InfraBuild, we understand the importance of meeting deadlines and reducing the stresses on contract managers. We do this by appointing a single point of contact, a corporate relationship manager, from InfraBuild Steel Centre, who will: 

                  •Manage the contract and communication between the different stakeholders within your Company and InfraBuild

                  • Act as a single point of contact at the contract level

                  • Act as a facilitator across all programs agreed with you

InfraBuild Steel Centre can help businesses like yours, which are often cost and time constrained, through our full-service approach for steel and aluminium supply. We offer a package of exclusive 'tools' and resources aimed at adding value to your business through innovation and continuous improvement. Areas of focus include:

                 •Customised Service Offer 

                 • Innovative Solutions 

                 • Cost-saving Initiative Generation 

                 •'Total Cost of Ownership' (TCO) Analysis 

                 • Product and Service Gap Analysis

                 • Undertaking Reporting Requirements 

                 • Risk Reduction  

Our Mining Products

Other Mining Products We Offer

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Expert Services

Our staff recognise that you require efficiency and flexibility to maximise the potential of your business and that providing high-quality, Australian made-steel is only the beginning


InfraBuild Steel Centre supplies products that are compliant to the relevant Australian and International Standards.  InfraBuild Steel Centre's aim is to supply consistent high quality product to the mining segment 


Test Certificates and Certificates of Compliance provide the assurance that InfraBuild mining products meet all your required specifications. InfraBuild also offers third party accreditation to Quality Management System ISO 9001 and Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001.

Where Our Products are Found 


Haulage Shafts 

Grinding Circuits 

Chutes and Bins


Crusher Bins and Chutes 

Process Air and Water 

Fire Protection


Ground Support 

Tanks (Storage/Thickeners) 

Conveyor Systems 

Site Services (Air and Water Management)

Tailing Management 

Roadside Barriers 

Green/Brown Field Development


Site Security 

Camp Construction 

Work Shop Development 


Our Mining Resource Brochures