Cairns Airport T2 Domestic Terminal upgrade

Cairns Airport T2 Domestic Terminal upgrade
Cairns Airport T2 Domestic Terminal upgrade
Status:Construction underway 
Value:$55 million
Timeframe:Work began August 2019. Due to complete in second half of 2020.
Client: Cairns Airport
Primary Contractor:Hutchinson Builders
Steel supplier: InfraBuild

Project Scope: 

Cairns Airport is the seventh busiest airport in the country for passenger traffic and expects to see traffic through its Domestic Terminal grow by 40 per cent to six million passengers a year by 2027. Work currently underway will futureproof the Domestic Terminal against that increased passenger traffic and will substantively improve the airport experience for travellers.

InfraBuild has supplied 76 tonnes of ground slabs and beams to local builder Hutchinson Builders for the terminal upgrade, as well as for use in external walkways.  

Greg Quinn, Hutchinson Builders Managing Director, said approximately 300 jobs would be generated during the construction phase. 

"Construction activity will support the local economy through consultants, suppliers and the local community throughout the project."
Greg Quinn, Hutchinson Builders Managing Director


Hutchinson will conduct the upgrade in nine stages, all while the airport remains fully operational.

Article published on Thursday, 05 December 2019

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