Balomatic Annealed Special Baling Wire


Balomatic Annealed Special Baling Wire 

Balomatic Annealed Special Baling Wire supplied by InfraBuild Wire has been specifically developed to meet the growing requirements of the recycling industry. Our products are manufactured in Australia using world-class technology. Balomatic Annealed Baling Wire is batch annealed in our modern annealing facility. This product is manufactured under a controlled environment to ensure a consistently high-performance product.

Balomatic Baling Wire is ideal for use in paper recycling and is suited to a variety of automatic baling systems, where it provides consistent performance with economy.

InfraBuild Wire has the ability to design a product for specific applications and the ability to supply on-site technical support and product development. We specialise in a number of sizes and packages of baling wire.


DiameterDiameter Range (mm)Tensile (MPa)Min Breaking Load (kN)Length (m/kg)

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