Bedding Spring Wire


Bedding Spring Wire

InfraBuild Wire manufactures a wide range of Hard Drawn Bedding Spring Wires. These wires can be manufactured to Australian Standard AS 2266 – Carbon Steel Spring Wire for Bedding and Seating, or the customer's own specialised requirements.

InfraBuild Wire’s TruForm™ Spring has been developed to suit most types of bedding spring machines, including the latest high-speed computer controlled machines. It features tight tolerances on both diameter and tensile specifications and has the potential to deliver the cost savings and reliability needed in a globally competitive market.

Wire suitable for furniture spring is also available.

Diameter Tolerances

Nominal DiameterTolerance
1.30mm to 2.42mm TruForm™ Spring+ 0.00mm +/- 0.02mm
Equal and above 2.50mm up to and including 3.94mm+/- 0.02mm
4.00mm+/- 0.03mm
5.00mm+/- 0.04mm

Tensile Strength (MPa)

Tensile strength is defined as the maximum load achieved in the tensile test, divided by the cross-sectional area of the wire test piece. InfraBuild Manufacturing produces a variety of tensile ranges for Bedding Spring Wire, but all fall within the range of 1340 – 2050MPa. TruForm™ Spring products have a tensile range of 150MPa while other products conform to AS 2266.

Steel Chemistry

InfraBuild Wire uses a variety of steel grades to achieve the tensile specifications for Bedding Spring Wire. Carbon content is varied to achieve the desired result.


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