Bright Manufacturing Wire


Bright Manufacturing Wire

InfraBuild Wire produces a range of Bright Low-Carbon Wire for general manufacturing applications. These wires are cold drawn to the required diameter and not subjected to any subsequent treatment process. They are often used for automotive and agricultural components, shopfittings and shelving where finished components are subsequently electroplated, powder coated or painted to the desired customer finish.

These hard drawn low-carbon wires will take moderate bending or flattening, machineability is fair and the wire can be roll threaded. A dedicated range of products for high-speed 2D and 3D bending machines including Truform® and HiForm® wire extends our traditional hard drawn low-carbon material range.

This is a general purpose manufacturing wire suitable for a large range of applications. Various applications include display shelving for retail stores, baskets, racks, hooks, automotive and general engineering and construction components.

Hard Drawn Low-Carbon Wire Specifications

Diameter Properties

Hard Drawn Low-Carbon Wire is manufactured to comply with the following diameter tolerances:

Nominal Wire DiameterTolerance (mm)
1.60mm up to and incl. 1.80mm+/- 0.02
over 1.80mm up to an incl. 2.80mm+/- 0.03
over 2.80mm up to and incl. 5.00mm+/- 0.05
over 5.00mm up to and incl. 8.00mm+/- 0.06
over 8mm+/- 0.08

Tensile Strength (MPa)

The tensile strength is defined as the maximum load achieved in the tensile test, divided by the cross-sectional area of the wire test. The tensile strength developed depends on the amount of reduction in area to the finished size. Tensile is not considered of prime importance to this product; however, the following table is given as a general guide:

Nominal Wire DiameterTensile Range (Mpa)
less than or equal to 1.75mm800/1100
over 1.75mm up to and incl. 2.00mm750/1050
over 2.00mm up to and incl. 2.24mm700/1000
over 2.24mm up to and incl. 2.70mm650/950
over 2.70mm up to and incl. 2.80mm600/900
over 2.80mm up to and incl. 4.20mm550/850
over 4.20mm up to and incl. 10.00mm500/800
over 10.00mm up to and incl. 11.50mm450/750
over 11.50mm up to and incl. 12.50mm500/800

InfraBuild Manufacturing Wire manufacturers bright hard drawn wire in a variety of sizes. The sizes above are indicative sizes only.

Steel Chemistry

InfraBuild Manufacturing uses a variety of steel grades to manufacture its Hard Drawn Low-Carbon range. The table below is indicative only of steel chemistries used:

% Carbon0.04 - 0.100.05 max0.06 max
% Phosphorus0.03 max0.03 max0.04 max
% Manganese0.25 - 0.500.50 max0.25 - 0.50
% Silicon0.10 - 0.220.12 - 0.180.05 max
% Sulphur0.03 max0.03 max0.04 max


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