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InfraBuild collaboration with Deakin University

21 November 2021

An exciting new collaboration between InfraBuild and Deakin University is advancing new technologies in Australian steel manufacturing. 

With 100 years continuous operation, InfraBuild is Australia’s largest vertically integrated steel manufacturing, distribution and recycling business, providing solutions for commercial and residential construction, large scale and nation-building infrastructure, and the rural and mining sectors. 

The collaboration is part of the Australian Research Council’s Research Hub for Australian Steel Innovation (Steel Research Hub) – a five-year research program designed to support a more sustainable, competitive, and resilient Australian steel manufacturing industry.  

Led by the University of Wollongong, the Steel Research Hub brings PhD and post-doctoral researchers from nine universities together with nine industry partners, including InfraBuild. Research will focus on projects in areas such as process integration and sustainability, product innovation, industrial transformation, robotics and automation, by-products recycling and digitisation. 

InfraBuild CEO and Managing Director, Vik Bansal, said the projects will not only futureproof Australian steel manufacturing but also support the next generation of researchers. 

“Part of our commitment and journey to decarbonised steelmaking is working with like-minded stakeholders in developing and adopting new and emerging technologies that support our commitment to delivering lower carbon emission solutions to the marketplace,” he said.

“It supports our efforts to contribute to sustainability rural and construction markets which play key strategic roles in Australia’s economic growth and employment.” 

Two new projects bring together InfraBuild and Deakin University to deliver advancements in both wire and reinforcing products.

The first project aims to improve the life of hot dip coated wire by delivering process and material innovations to InfraBuild’s hot dipped coated steel wire products.

The project will initially focus on improving corrosion resistance while maintaining sufficient ductility. Next-generation, environmentally friendly protective coating formulations will also be designed and developed, with a long-term view towards commercial adoption.

The second project on steel reinforcement products will investigate process improvements to optimise strength-ductility balance in reinforcing construction steel products. The project will design alloys to maximise the product performance and conduct industrial trials. It is expected the product advancements will provide the construction industry with greater performance and reliability.


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