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Celebrating Michael’s 32 years of incredible achievements

27 November 2023

In August 1991, Michael embarked on a lifelong journey with InfraBuild, a company that would become not just his workplace but his second home. Over the years, he wore many hats, navigated the ebbs and flows of the steel industry, and proudly contributed to the legacy of this organisation. 

Michael started his career with the company (at the then Sydney Waratah Wire Mill) on the 5th of August 1991, stepping into the role of a Senior Personnel Officer.

Then, 1995 brought significant changes. The Sydney Wire Mill announced its closure, and so did the Newcastle Steel Manufacturing Mill. Some of the wire mill equipment made its way up to Newcastle, where it still operates today. In 1996, Michael and his family relocated to Newcastle, where he took on the role of one of the Production Managers at the Newcastle Wire Mill. 

As the years progressed, Michael climbed the ladder of responsibility.

By 2012, his path led him back to familiar territory as he became the Safety Superintendent at the Sydney Steel Mill in Rooty Hill — a role he proudly holds to this day. 

Michael’s day-to-day life at InfraBuild has been anything but routine. Each day brought new challenges and he became a respected figure in the business, a go-to person for problem-solving and advice. 

Throughout his journey, Michael had the privilege of being a part of transformative moments at InfraBuild. He played a pivotal role in changing the company culture, negotiating new EBAs, and rejuvenating the Newcastle Fence Post Plant.

After many years spent observing, managing, and reporting on workplace injuries, Michael’s last message to the next generation is simple: never forget to STOP & THINK. The brain can sometimes go into autopilot on daily tasks but taking a few moments to pause allows your brain to reprogram.

After 32 years in the company, Michael is set to retire next year. As a family man he plans to spend a lot of time with his three children and four grandchildren.

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