FY23 Safety Wrap Up

FY23 was the best year ever on our journey to safety excellence.

More than 85% of our people have now completed our award-winning Safety Connect program, and the impact of the program is evident in that 30% of our workforce has intervened and stopped at-risk behaviour among their workmates.

We also strengthened our critical risk and assurance programs, conducting 700 critical-risk inspections and several audits across the business to review the effectiveness of our critical controls.

As a result of these combined efforts, we achieved our lowest TRIFR ever of 5.9, which is around 15% better than in FY22 and 60% better than when we started our journey in FY19. Moreover, our injury costs have reduced by 50%.

While we are proud of our achievements so far, one injury is still one too many.

This year we are continuing the focus to create a workplace where everyone returns home safely every day.