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Introducing InfraBuild’s 2022 Sustainability Report

7 March 2023

On behalf of the entire InfraBuild team, I am proud to present the company’s Sustainability Report for Calendar Year 2022.

With our Good to Great Strategy firmly embedded in the business, the focus for 2022 was to continue to operate safely and drive improved environmental, social and economic sustainability outcomes through internal initiatives and collaboration with our customers, suppliers, communities, governments and key stakeholders.

InfraBuild recognises the role we must play as a carbon intensive business to contribute to Australia’s transition to a low emission economy and support our customers and suppliers on their own decarbonisation journeys.

As an electric arc furnace-based steelmaker, InfraBuild’s steelmaking process, which involves the recycling of scrap metals to manufacture new steel, positions us well to support the transition to lower embodied carbon materials.

Collaboration with the broader supply chain is also critical to the transformation of the Australian steel industry’s value proposition to a more sustainable model, in particular, developing more efficient steel solutions.

We are already working across our entire supply chain to understand respective decarbonisation pathways and develop solutions which can be implemented effectively delivering value to our stakeholders.

Meanwhile, we recognise as an employer of more than 4700 people across the country, we also have an important role to play in contributing to a sustainable future for the nation and the more than 150 communities we operate in.

The first of our four values is ‘We Are Stronger Together’, which is a nod to our belief that through collaboration between our own people and with external stakeholders, we will be able to contribute more effectively.

Finally, the supply chain disruptions the world continues to encounter have reaffirmed the importance of Australia maintaining a strong sovereign steelmaking capability.

As the largest vertically integrated long steel manufacturer in the country with operations covering recycling, manufacturing and distribution, we have an important role to play in a circular economy, supplying high quality Australian made steel products to a range of industries.

We look forward to working with our customers, suppliers, stakeholders and communities as we continue to employ people, procure services, support local initiatives and play our role in contributing to Australia’s efforts as it transitions to a low emission economy.

Dak Patel
InfraBuild Interim CEO and Managing Director

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