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World Engineers Convention Keynote: Daksesh Patel, CEO InfraBuild

15 December 2019

Construction supply chain – delivering sustainable outcomes for the built environment. 

“We are at an interesting crossroad today, between our need to prosper and grow economically versus our need to live in a sustainable planet that is conducive for future generations.

“The reality is that we must continue to innovate and pursue initiatives to meet our objectives to meet the right balance.” 

These are the opening words of InfraBuild CEO Daksesh Patel’s keynote address to the World Engineers Convention in Melbourne in November 2019.

Mr Patel called on the world’s engineering and industrial community to “challenge ourselves to invest, to collaborate, to innovate and to lead the way on sustainability, not because it is mandated, but because we owe a great deal of moral responsibility to future generations.”

“InfraBuild is fully committed to the objective of becoming carbon neutral” he said.

Watch Mr Patel’s presentation in full above.

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