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Ancon® Shear Load Connectors


Ancon® Shear Load Connectors

Ancon® ESD and DSD Shear Load Connectors are used in expansion and contraction joints of reinforced concrete structures to transfer vertical shear loads while allowing the required expansion and contraction.

Each connector is a two-part assembly comprising a stainless steel sleeve and a stainless steel dowel component. The use Ancon Shear Load Connectors speeds up the installation process at concrete joints as drilling of formwork and concrete is eliminated. The sleeve is simply nailed to the formwork ensuring subsequent alignment of the dowel, essential for unhindered movement.

Ancon DSD Shear Load Connectors are double dowels that come in a wide range of load classes to suit different conditions. Ancon DSDQ Shear Load Connectors us the same dowel component as the DSD, but the cylindrical sleeve is contained within a rectangular box section to allow lateral movement in addition to the longitudinal movement.

The Ancon ESD Shear Load Connector is used where the loads are small, but where alignment is critical.

Typical Uses

  • Load transfer in structural movement joints
  • Slab-to-slab connections
  • Slab-to-wall connections
  • Floor-to-wall connections


  • Effective in transferring loads and allowing movement
  • Nail plate on the sleeve ensures subsequent alignment of the dowel component
  • Corrosion protection through use of stainless steel
  • Elimination of traditional dowels
  • Manufactured from stainless steel to ensure a high degree of corrosion resistance

To find out more about the Ancon Shear Load Connectors stocked at your local InfraBuild Reinforcing, please contact your nearest branch.


DSD Shear Load Connectors

Product Code Dowel Diameter (mm) Dowel Length (mm) Sleeve Length (mm) Lateral Movement
DSD25 14 250 120 No
DSD30 16 260 120 No
DSD50 18 280 135 No
DSD65 20 300 155 No
DSD75 22 340 155 No
DSD100 30 400 210 No
DSD130 35 470 265 No
DSD150 42 550 275 No
DSDQ30 16 260 140 Yes
DSDQ50 18 280 160 Yes
DSDQ65 20 300 175 Yes
DSDQ75 22 340 175 Yes
DSDQ100 30 400 240 Yes
DSDQ130 35 470 290 Yes
DSDQ150 42 550 305 Yes

ESD Shear Load Connectors

Product Code Dowel Diameter (mm) Dowel Length (mm) Sleeve Length (mm) Lateral Movement
ESD10 20 300 175 No
ESD15 22 300 175 No
ESD20 30 300 175 No
ESD25 35 350 200 No
ESDQ10 20 300 175 Yes
ESDQ15 22 300 175 Yes
ESDQ20 30 300 175 Yes
ESDQ25 35 350 195 Yes