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Compressible Void Former


Compressible Void Former

Compressible void formers supplied by InfraBuild Reinforcing alleviate heavy pressure on concrete slabs. Lightweight, easy to handle and made from recycled material, compressible void formers are fully tested and accredited.

InfraBuild Reinforcing’s compressible void formers are available in 1100 x 1100mm in variable heights and are used in a slab design that offers fixed pricing.

Typical Uses

  • To alleviate heavy pressure on concrete slabs


  • Compressible to alleviate heavy pressure on slabs
  • Light weight
  • Recycled material

Relevant Standards

  • AS/NZS 3679.1 – 300
  • AS 1442 AS 1444
  • AS 1447

To find out more about the compressible void formers stocked at your local InfraBuild Reinforcing, or to enquire about a ONESLAB® package or alternative fixed price concrete slab solutions, please contact your nearest bar shop.

Product Code Height (mm) Dimension (mm)
POD140C 140 1100 x 1100
POD225C 225 1100 x 1100
POD300C 300 1100 x 1100

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