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Polystyrene Pod Chairs by TRIPOD®


Polystyrene Pod Chairs by TRIPOD®

TRIPOD® is a multi-dimensional polystyrene pod chair supplied by InfraBuild Reinforcing designed to maximise load distribution to waffle pods. The triangular-designed chair enhances ease of installation and construction speed. TRIPOD® Polystyrene Pod Chairs are always at the correct height when placed and the open aperture design allows continuous concrete aggregate flow-through. TRIPOD® polystyrene pod chairs are available in a height of 45mm and length of 430mm.

Guaranteeing two-wire support of reinforcing mesh, TRIPOD® is offered as part of InfraBuild Reinforcing’s ONESLAB® package.

Typical Uses

  • Slab-on-ground using polystyrene pods


  • Triangular design enhances ease of installation and construction speed
  • Aperture design allows continuous concrete flow
  • Guarantees two-wire minimum support of reinforcing mesh
  • Continuous length ensures load distribution minimising damage to polystyrene pods
  • Part of the ONESLAB® package

To find out more about the TRIPOD® Polystyrene Pod Chairs stocked at your local InfraBuild Reinforcing, or to enquire about a ONESLAB® package, please contact your nearest branch.

Product Code Height (mm) Length (mm) No. Per Pack
TP45 45 430 20
TP50 50 400 20

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