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Developed by InfraBuild, Viribar®750 is a new range of high-strength reinforcing steels for column fitments.


Viribar®750 has 33% less mass than that of 500N standard fitments. The use of Viribar®750 is more sustainable, delivers savings in fixing, transport and cranage costs and is recognised by Australia’s peak sustainability bodies for construction, the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC), with the potential to significantly improve the sustainability credentials of construction projects.

Produced in Equivalent Force Capacity diameters to make the direct substitution for 500N fitments easy with no redesign requirements for the general case, Viribar®750 conforms to Australian Standards and is compliant to the National Construction Code (NCC) because it conforms to the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) Green Star rating tool and the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC) Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) tool both reward a reduction in material consumption. The GBCA also offers an automatic additional point under its Innovation Credit 30A for using only Viribar®750 fitments on a reinforced concrete project, subject to meeting eligibility criteria. Innovation points may also be available for the IS tool as a result of the innovative method by which the Viribar®750 is produced.

The weight savings realised by the use of Viribar®750 fitments deliver potential savings for activities that are costed based on weight. These include:

  • lower transport and handling costs
  • reduced site storage requirements
  • lower fixing costs

The lighter product also offers opportunities for more energy savings from transport and cranage.

The potential to reduce the mass of each bundle and thus lighter lifts will result in fewer back injuries and reduce other on-site risks.

Directly substitutable for Standard 500N fitments, with no redesign costs; reduced raw material and energy inputs in manufacture; lower transport, handling and fixing costs and energy savings resulting from reduced mass: together, these add up to ensure Viribar®750 fitments are a cost effective alternative to Standard 500N fitments.  

Viribar®750 key features and benefits:

Viribar®750 comes in sizes that allow it to be directly substitutable for Standard 500N fitments. It conforms to:

  • AS/NZS 4671:2019
  • AS 3600:2018
  • the Building Code of Australia and hence the National Construction Code

It is also readily identifiable by a rolled-in mark showing the bar to be 750N material.

Grade & Ductility

Viribar®750 comfortably meets the requirements of the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4671 750 MPa, Ductility Class N reinforcing bar.

Direct substitution

As Viribar®750 is directly substitutable for 500N Standard Fitments, in the general case a standard 500N fitment can be substituted with the equivalent Viribar®750 fitment without re-engineering, incurring no redesign costs.

More Sustainable

Because Viribar®750 uses less raw material and energy to produce, it is more sustainable than the alternative 500N Standard Fitments. This reduction in raw material and energy use in production leads to a potential embodied energy and greenhouse warming saving of approximately 33%.

The Viribar®750 range

Viribar®750 is available in diameters that have the Equivalent Force Capacity to standard 500 MPa bars, making the designer’s job easy.


Note: Viribar®750 is currently only available in Sydney metro areas