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The challenge of the transition to a low emission economy is one in which InfraBuild is up for.

We see two pathways that the domestic steel industry must travel simultaneously to achieving this outcome:

The first relates to steelmaking processes and the role of manufacturers in producing lower embodied carbon products.

The second relates to the whole supply chain playing a role in transforming the value proposition with a focus on sustainable supply chain, in particular finding ways to provide solutions using less steel. It is this second pathway that is front of mind as we invest in product and solution development.

InfraBuild recognises that we have a major impact on our customers Scope 3 emissions profile hence it is our absolute focus to become a net zero steel solutions provider, delivering real value to our construction partners decarbonisation ambitions. This is where we need to work smarter and more efficiently to deliver lower carbon embodied solutions to our customers - optimising the use of lower carbon intensity steel and reducing the amount we consume and supply. This principle will be core to the range of products and solutions InfraBuild delivers as part of its SENSE Solutions market offering.

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