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About SENSE 600®

Developed by InfraBuild, SENSE 600® is a new reinforcing product range, optimising high strength steel, innovative bar design and recycled steel content to deliver improved sustainability credentials.

  • Using up to 16.7% less raw material, yet with the same Load Capacity as 500N product, SENSE 600® will deliver a lower embodied carbon solution of up to 39% than our standard grade reinforcing steel
  • With its improved sustainability credentials, SENSE 600® is recognised by Australia's peak sustainability bodies for construction: the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC)
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SENSE 600® reinforcing bar is Ductility Class N (normal ductility), as required by AS/NZS 4671: 2019, the same as 500N reinforcing bar.

For design to AS 3600 2018 it meets the requirement to be Ductility Class N.

Click the button below to see the table (per AS/NZS 4671) highlights key ductility ratios and elongation properties required under the standard.

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SENSE 600® can be used in all reinforced concrete elements designed to comply with AS 3600.

SENSE 600® is available in bar diameters that have the Equivalent Load Capacity to standard 500N bars, making the designer's job simple.

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We've made SENSE 600® easy to identify.

SENSE 600® has a unique bar profile distinguished by 4 longitudinal ribs and a square core. We have also included rolled-in marks indicating the Grade & Ductility Class, Mill identifier and SENSE 600® Designation.

Learn more about identification of SENSE 600®

SENSE 600® can be welded in accordance with AS/NZS 1554.3 : 2014 - Structural steel welding Part 3: Welding of reinforcing steel (similar to our 500N material)

A Guide to Welding Sense 600® Reinforcing Steels has been jointly produced with Weld Australia.

Download the welding guide

SENSE 600® is no more difficult to process than 500N.

Generally, the same processing pins and mandrels as equivalent 500N product can be used, however, AS3600 allows for smaller pins and mandrels to be utilised when processing SENSE 600®.

InfraBuild is supporting our preferred coupler suppliers with the development of a range of couplers for SENSE 600® bars. We expect couplers to be available in early 2024.

It is a Column Design Guide for engineers to maximise efficiency when using SENSE 600® reinforcing bars in columns

The Design Guide has been reviewed and endorsed by Professor Stephen Foster, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Engineering, University of New South Wales

Download Design Guide for Reinforced Concrete Columns

SENSE 600® is available in equivalent load capacity diameters to our standard 500N bars, therefore the strength of the bar is the same, even though the cross-sectional area and mass of the bar is reduced by up to 16.7%. It is therefore ideally used in applications where strength is the governing design criteria.

Below provides some examples of concrete elements which are ideally suited to the use of SENSE 600® reinforcing bars.

Columns - Design is governed predominantly by compression of the steel

Piles - Design is governed predominantly by compression or tension in the steel

Deep Beams (including footing beams) - Design is governed predominantly by tension in the steel

Retaining walls - Design of the concrete element is governed predominantly by tension in the steel

Substitute the existing note on the General Notes Drawing with following:


Material is indicated by the following symbols:

N - Deformed Bar Grade 500 MPa (Normal Ductility)

R - Plain Round Bar 250 MPa

S - SENSE 600® Deformed Bar Grade 600 MPa (Normal Ductility)

W - Plain Wire Grade 450 MPa

SL - Square Fabric Grade 500 MPa

RL - Rectangular Fabric Grade 500 MPa

L - TM Low Ductility Grade 500 MPa (Welded Trench Mesh)

S - TM SENSE 600® TrenchMesh™ (600 MPa Normal Ductility Welded Trench Mesh)

Download table to add to column schedule on the drawing when applicable


SENSE 600®, like our existing 500N product is:

  • Compliant for designs to AS 3600:2018
  • Manufactured to AS/NZS 4671:2019
  • JAS-ANZ accredited (ACRS)
  • Compliant with National Construction Code (NCC) when designed to Australian Standards

SENSE 600® is CodeMark certified for specific applications for ease of substitution for 500N

Download the SENSE 600® brochure

CodeMark Certification (CodeMark) is a voluntary third-party building product certification scheme administered by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB)

It supports the use of new or innovative building products in specified circumstances in Australia, by providing a nationally accepted process for demonstrating compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC).

CodeMark Certification means the product meets the mandatory building code compliance requirements.

Download CodeMark Certificate of Conformity Guide - Columns

SENSE 600® is ACRS certified.

SENSE 600® Test Certificates are available from InfraBuild and comply with AS/NZS 4671.

It provides calculations to AS 3600 to verify SENSE 600® fitments can be directly substituted for equivalent 500N fitments

Calculations have been reviewed and endorsed by Professor Stephen Foster, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Engineering, University of New South Wales

Download SENSE 600® Column Fitments

SENSE 600® is produced to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4671: 2018 Steel for the reinforcement of concrete Grade 600N.

InfraBuild is actively working with Standards Australia through their Technical Committees to revise Standards to recognise the benefits of SENSE 600® reinforcing steels.

Below provides a summary of current status of Standards referencing AS/NZS 4671 with a comment on their reference to 600N grades of reinforcing steel.


Current status of Standards referencing AS/NZS 4671
Our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) now include our innovative SENSE 600® reinforcing steel products.
We are on a journey to play our role to decarbonise Australia’s construction and infrastructure assets using local resources, sustainable solutions, innovation, and big thinking with SENSE 600®.
Published by EPD Australasia, our EPDs are independently verified to support the sustainable application of our products and deliver value to our customers and the construction industry.
Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

SENSE Solutions® Software

SENSE Solutions Software® - Columns, allows a designer/engineer to quickly and easily check and verify that SENSE 600® can be substituted for 500N

Access the software
  • SENSE Solutions Software® - Columns follows the design methods of the SENSE 600® Design Guide: Reinforced Concrete Columns  as reviewed and endorsed by Professor Stephen Foster, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Engineering, University of New South Wales
  • SENSE Solutions Software® - Columns has been verified against other commercially available design software
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Yes, Rapt enables users to input custom Yield Strengths and diameters of our SENSE 600® range of bars. The software also has the option to use a rectangular-parabolic stress curve which we recommend to get the maximum potential from SENSE 600® Bars

Yes, Inducta have added the full range of our SENSE 600® bars to their FTG, and RCC software, and also to column design in RCB. The software also has the option to use a rectangular-parabolic stress curve which we recommend to get the maximum potential from SENSE 600® Bars