What is SENSE 600® TrenchMesh™?

SENSE 600® TrenchMesh™ is trench mesh constructed using InfraBuild's innovative reinforcing bar product, SENSE 600®, which delivers a lower carbon footprint.

This is a direct replacement for the Grade 500 trench mesh that is commonly available making it an easy transition without requiring any re-engineering.

SENSE 600® TrenchMesh™ is Class N Ductility (Normal Ductility).

We've made it easy, SENSE 600® TrenchMesh™ is CodeMark certified, giving you the assurance that is conforms to AS/NZS 4671 and AS 2870.

Product Range

SENSE 600® TrenchMesh™ can be used as a direct substitute for 500 MPa trench mesh.

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