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Stronger for the future
Career development a win-win
Klaudio Marku speaks with a rare enthusiasm about his work with InfraBuild. The Reinforcing Project Engineer is fascinated by reinforcing and the intricacies of its use in construction. It’s a career path he started out on early in life and it’s one that’s brought many opportunities.

7 min 19 Nov 2021

Stronger for the future
Sorting is not recycling: Steel’s role in driving a circular economy
This week is National Recycling Week in Australia – the 25th year of the initiative and a time for all to reflect on the impact we have on the planet and environmental sustainability.

4 min 9 Nov 2021

Stronger for the future
Continuous Improvement sees significant gains
Across InfraBuild’s operations, we are committed to a process of Continuous Improvement – it’s part of our values. For our Steel Mills, this means the nonstop pursuit of streamlining processes towards more sustainable operations and manufacturing excellence.

5 min 15 Oct 2021


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