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GECA Certification


As part of our ongoing mission to Build Futures Through Sustainable Steel, InfraBuild now has Good Environmental Choices Australia (GECA) certification for a select range of our reinforcing bar and reinforcing mesh products.

In May 2023, select reinforcing bar and reinforcing mesh products manufactured by InfraBuild to AS/NZS 4671 (referred to as “InfraBuild’s Reinforcing Bar and Mesh Products”) were independently certified as meeting the requirements of GECA's Steel & Steel Products (SSPv1.0i-2019) lifecycle ecolabel standard.   

The GECA certification, in conjunction with our InfraBuild EPDs, meets the Best Practice requirement of the Responsible Structure credit in the GBCA’s new Green Star Buildings ratings tool, ‘Responsible Products Framework’. InfraBuild’s Reinforcing Bar and Reinforcing Mesh Products contribute to an RPV of up to 15, the highest level of recognition in this credit.   

The GECA certification for InfraBuild’s Reinforcing Bar and Reinforcing Mesh Products is valid for three years from the date of certification.  

What is GECA?

The GECA certification scheme, following internationally recognised ISO 14024 principles, is an Australian not-for-profit multi-sector lifecycle ecolabelling program.

The independent assessment to obtain the GECA ecolabel independent tick is a robust process underpinned by rigorous standards, which look at impacts across a product's entire lifecycle, from the extraction of raw materials to the end of its life and conformance to the applicable GECA standards is assessed by a third-party assurance provider.

GECA is also recognised by the Australian ratings tools run by GBCA.  

A word from GECA

"At GECA, it's always a cause for excitement when we welcome a new ecolabel licensee to the GECA family! However, InfraBuild's certification is a particularly momentous occasion as they are the first organisation under our Steel & Steel Products standard. What an incredible achievement! InfraBuild has gone through the rigour of a third-party assessment to show that their reinforcing bar and reinforcing mesh products are better for people and the planet.

InfraBuild has demonstrated sustainability leadership in the sector and the broader Australian marketplace by certifying under our lifecycle ecolabel standard. Congratulations InfraBuild, on your commitment, and we look forward to a long and fantastic partnership with you."  

Josh Begbie - GECA CEO