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3D Modelling

3D Modelling

Delivering accuracy and buildability with 3D Modelling


Utilising Autodesk Construction Cloud and a custom online viewer, InfraBuild Reinforcing can undertake 3D modelling to offer unprecedented levels of insight and cost-savings to support the timely fulfilment of your next project.

Offering a more collaborative and visual solution compared to standard 2D drawings, InfraBuild 3D technology supports critical design and onsite construction decisions.

The resultant reinforcing processes, at every stage of a project’s life cycle, are unsurpassed in accuracy and flexibility.

InfraBuild Reinforcing utilises BIM to assist in design, estimating, end to end optimization, and to assist with reporting of deliverables to key stakeholders and customers.

Our Approach

Early Engagement and Design Assistance – Assist in the design process through informing and influencing from the start. Minimise the risk of rework and redesign through engaging us early to complete the 3D Modelling and BIM requirements.

During this phase, we work collaboratively with the design team to optimize the reinforcing detail, explore technical solutions, advise on prefabricated solutions, advise on coupler solutions, we advise on custom mill lengths to reduce scrap and cost.

Collaborate & Sequence – Collaborate with the designers and site engineers to assess onsite conditions and work methods to sequence the model in a common data environment. This allows all parties to simulate the construction sequence and installation in our custom online viewer. We can bridge the reinforcing model into the design model via Autodesk Construction Cloud to eliminate challenges with version control and licensing.

Manage & Deliver – Continue to work with all stakeholders through the delivery of the project to adjust the model as the construction sequence updates and provide unparalleled visibility through a custom model viewer.

We reduce the risk through increased collaboration with steel fixers and the project team to solve problems, optimize manufacturing and installation as changes to the program are made. Our local team of experts will be available to attend onsite and work directly with critical stakeholders to keep the program on track.


The benefits of the InfraBuild Reinforcing toolset are realised in both the design and construction phases of a project and include:

Expedited design process through:

• Improved communication of design intent and faster approval of RFIs with visualisation in the 3D environment

• Subcontracting detailing work to reinforcing suppliers, allowing the design team to focus on other priority deliverables

• Reduction of redundant work by using a shared model in a common data environment

Simplification of design through consolidation of bars and reduction of tight tolerances at critical sections allowing for an easier build

Buildability assurance through clash detection of reinforcing (including services and non-reinforcing elements) reducing lost time on-site

Accurate estimation of BOQ, including quick calculations of variations

Validated understanding of reinforcing in precast elements provides QA of each element interaction and informs the procurement process with a complete and qualified reinforcing package to present to subcontractors

More flexibility to adapt to changing on-site conditions with all reinforcing pre-scheduled leading to less risk of construction program blowouts

Significantly reduced scheduling error rate with 3D software integrated directly into our steel production systems, providing confidence on-site that the provided reinforcing is accurate

Visualisation of the build for the client and steel fixing team will hasten on-site start up

Independent to the supply of reinforcing. Engaging InfraBuild Reinforcing for 3D modelling does not obligate you to choose Infrabuild Reinforcing for the reinforcing supply. Bar list information and 3D models prepared by InfraBuild Reinforcing can be used to support the tender process for your reinforcing supply

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