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Our Strategy

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Our mission

Why we exist

‘Building futures through sustainable steel’

  • We are a manufacturer of high quality steel and steel products.
  • We are making futures possible for all our stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, community and society.
  • We are a vertically-integrated steel maker and remain committed to the long-term positive action of creating lower embodied carbon steel.
  • We manufacture a product critical for nation building and human progress.

Our values

We are part of the GFG Alliance group which has guiding values of family, change and sustainability.

For InfraBuild they mean:

  • We are one & stronger together - We are ONE InfraBuild and our strength comes from being and working as one team
  • Respect - We respect our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders and each other
  • Improving & Innovating Continuously - We never stop trying to be better, it’s in our DNA
  • Building a sustainable future- We care about the footprint we leave in order to support a sustainable business for all.

Our vision

Where we are headed

We will be a company where employees feel proud to work, customers are delighted to interact, investors want to invest, and the community sees us as a good corporate citizen with an enviable reputation.

We will leverage our customer relationships, recycling footprint, manufacturing infrastructure and distribution reach to create an enduring competitive advantage that enables our mission.

Our operating model and plan

Operating model: where we create, add and enable value
InfraBuild operating model
Plan on a page: our focus and what we are measuring
InfraBuild plan on a page

Our goal


TRIFR<2 Safety


$5 billion revenue


10% EBIT margin


By fiscal year 25