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InfraBuild Reinforcing has the leading range of reinforcing accessories to meet the needs of Australia's construction industry.

The Widest Range from the Best Suppliers

Concrete construction requires a variety of accessories and we partner with the most advanced reinforcing accessory suppliers to offer you innovative options and choice to meet your projects unique needs.

What Accessories Do You Need?

Looking for efficiencies in your project? Accessories may be part of the solution. From choosing the best bar chairs for your application to improving congestion in prefabricated elements through the use of mechanical splices, the right accessories can save you time on site. Our experienced schedulers and account managers can help you choose the most practical products for your application.

Brand Choice

Do you have a preferred brand for your accessory needs? Across key categories like Keyjoints, crack inducers, dowel caps, and pullout bar boxes we have a selection of comparative offers from major brands like Danley, Connolly, Ancon and Reid