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Sustainability Reports

We prioritise sustainability initiatives across our manufacturing, distribution and recycling businesses. We work to assist projects in achieving sustainability ratings and deliver meaningful and measurable change to the Australian built environment.

We have a legacy of over 100 years of continuous leadership in the manufacturing, processing, distribution and supply of steel. Our work in supporting Australia’s construction, manufacturing, mining and rural sectors, is leading that sustainability push by placing environmental considerations at the forefront of our strategic decision-making.

Sustainability Report 2022

We are pleased to release our 2022 sustainability report.

With our Good to Great Strategy firmly embedded in the business, the focus for 2022 was to continue to operate safely and drive improved environmental, social and economic sustainability outcomes through internal initiatives and collaboration with our customers, suppliers, communities, governments and key stakeholders.

InfraBuild recognises the role we must play as a carbon intensive business to contribute to Australia’s transition to a low emission economy and support our customers and suppliers on their own decarbonisation journeys.

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