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Reduce congestion and embrace design flexibility with mechanical splices.

According to AS 3600, splices shall be made by mechanical splices, by welding, or by lapping.

Use of mechanical splices offers several advantages as opposed to the use of lapping or welding.
Splices for tension-tie members and for bars with diameter larger than 40 mm
Reduces bar congestion problems in heavily reinforced areas due to lapping, cogs, etc.
Eliminates cast-in starter bars to simplify transport and handling
Eliminates the need to drill holes in formwork and shutters for starter bars
Eliminates material wastage arising from lapped connections
Offers the designer flexibility to overcome challenging design or buildability issues

InfraBuild Reinforcing offers a wide range of mechanical splicing products and services which include ReidBar™, Griptec®, BT System, and Lenton® System

ReidBar™ is a ‘bar break’ system such that the ReidBar™ itself is designed to yield well before the ReidBar™ connections. ReidBar™, a parallel and continuously course-threaded Grade 500N reinforcing bar, is a revolutionary development in reinforcement placement and fixing which allows reinforcing to be cut at any point and screwed into one of the large variety of ReidBar™ components. ReidBar™ is available in stock at InfraBuild Reinforcing, therefore has short lead-time.

Griptec® mechanical splices are a full performance system covering tensions, compression, cyclic and fatigue. Griptec® has a patented extrusion process that includes a systematic, non-destructive tensile proof testing. The Griptec® mechanical splice system consists of roll-threaded sleeves that are extruded onto the reinforcing bar ends. A combination of male and female sleeves creates the connection. Designed for the connection of concrete reinforcing bars in sizes Ø12 through 40mm. The GRIPTEC® system uses isometric parallel threads, so its mechanical performance in compression equals that in tension. Griptec® are roads authority approved and conforms to the slip requirements of AS 3600 and AS 5100.

BT System is designed to exceed the tensile strength of reinforcing bars to AS 3600 and AS 4671. The BT system is one of the smallest and the most cost-effective coupler systems when used on large scale, high coupler volume projects. The ends of the bars are enlarged, and a parallel thread is cut onto the ends to suit the coupler. The BT system is roads authority approved and conforms to the slip requirements of AS 3600 and AS 5100.

Lenton® System is a unique self-aligning taper thread mechanical splice that provides continuity and structural integrity. Quick and easy to install, Lenton® System provides excellent cyclic performance and a full load transfer with full strength in tension, compression and stress reversal applications. The Lenton® System requires torque using wrench to tighten the connection due to its taper threads, while other systems only require hand tightening. The Lenton® system is roads authority approved and conforms to the slip requirements of AS 3600 and AS 5100