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Reidbar™ Starter Bar Systems

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Reidbar™ Starter Bar Systems

REIDBAR™ Starter Bar Systems supplied by InfraBuild Reinforcing have been developed to provide full-strength and positive connections between precast concrete panels, floor slabs and in situ suspended floors.

The REIDBAR™ Starter Bar system comprises REIDBAR™ Threaded Inserts, REIDBAR™ Starter Bars and specially designed chairs, plates and caps. REIDBAR™ Starter Systems are purpose-designed and offer speed of setup and installation.

The REIDBAR™ Starter Bar system is available in 12, 16, 20 and 25mm diameters, and standard lengths of 6 or 12m.


  • Available in RB12, RBA16 and RBA20 – off the shelf
  • Thread diameter is true to size – not a N20 bar with a thread turned down to 16 mm
  • Coarse thread on the bar resists damage and minimises foreign materials blocking the threads of the cast-in REIDBAR™ insert
  • System components are purpose designed and offer speed of set up and installation either in the precast yard or on site
  • Non-standard lengths are easily catered for as starter bars are cut from standard 6 or 12 m lengths of REIDBAR™

Relevant Standards

  • AS/NZS 4671:2001

To find out more about the range of Reidbar™ products stocked at your local InfraBuild Reinforcing please contact your nearest bar shop.